To show faces or not

I’m trying to decide whether to show faces in the photos I have in my flickr account. My logic is this. Would I allow my kids to be photographed for a newspaper? Yes, so what is the difference?  I love to see photos when I look at other blogs on mothering, I don’t think it’s the same if I crop them to make them unrecognizable. I want to create an interactive space that celebrates my kids, a place to laugh and sometimes shed necessary tears about being a mother. I want to share that with other mothers who have similar ideas about raising children. Seeing us in action is an integral part of that and so for the time being I’m feeling comfortable about displaying them.


4 Responses to “To show faces or not”

  1. Koonj Says:

    This is a question I have continually struggled with, and changed my mind on a few times. At times mother-paranoia takes over and at other times, I think, what’s the harm?

  2. Asiya Says:

    I have the paranoia too and I may end up getting rid of them, we’ll see!

  3. Janet Says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

    I’ve enjoyed visiting here and just wanted to say I’ve had similar issues about faces in photos on my blog and on Flickr. We’ve had lots of family discussion about it and ended up deciding that it was OK, as long of as it was a side of us we’d be happy showing in public, say at the park or the library (even if the photos are taken at home). Also we enjoy seeing photos of people on the internet, my daughter loves to look at pictures of other bubbies and I sometimes think of Flickr as a big global photo album. But in the end, we all have to go with what we’re comfortable with.

  4. Asiya Says:

    Hi Janet and welcome! I love to look at photos on the net too, it makes a blog so much warmer, and flickr is so much fun. My kids love looking at babies too. They were laughing and smiling about seeing Grace when I was looking at your blog!

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