Alhamdulillah, someone’s happy!

Alhamdulillah, someone’s happy!, originally uploaded by asiya2.

Can you tell he gives me a hard time?


9 Responses to “Alhamdulillah, someone’s happy!”

  1. Tasmiya Says:

    Oh mashaAllah! His hair! Too cute 🙂

  2. shaz Says:

    we actually took the same pic today too!

    except yours is much cuter! 🙂

  3. Asiya Says:

    He’s a complete terror!

    Shaz, he’s gorgeous! I was just visiting your flickr before!

  4. Organic Muslimah Says:

    Loving those eyes

  5. Asiya Says:

    LOL. he can get people to do whatever he wants by using those eyes!

  6. Suroor Says:

    Asiya, I will perhaps never see a cuter and naughtier-looking child! Mashallah, he is simply edible and looks extremely naughty. I ADORE him. Wish i coudl cuddle him. Mashallah!

  7. Suroor Says:

    Aiyeeeeee! He spoilt khalto Suroor’s spellings with his smile 🙂

  8. Asiya Says:

    thank you, he is extremely naughty! It’s lovely to see you here, now you’ve met the family!

  9. yasmine Says:

    Seriously, I want to gobble up all your children. =) They are so beautiful, mashaAllah!
    PS: LOVE all the pictures interspersed with your posts. Yay, another flickr user!

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