Five Cups Cake

Five Cups Cake, originally uploaded by asiya2.


Inspired by Suse at Pea Soup, I made this cake for my Mum and Grandma who are visiting this morning iA. It is such an amazingly easy cake to make and totally delicious…’s a shame the photo is out of focus because it even looks beautiful! And most importantly the kids love it!



8 Responses to “Five Cups Cake”

  1. razzbuffnik Says:

    It’s looks nice and I’d like to try it out.

    Any chance of you putting up the recipe? I do all the cooking at home and I’m always looking for something different to cook.

  2. Asiya Says:

    Hi Razzbuffnik, it’s great, I’ve made three already! Definetely my kind of cake. Just put it in a bowl and mix, then into the oven. For the recipe go to my blogroll and visit Suse at Pea Soup. I feel bad giving out her recipe since it was her idea!

  3. razzbuffnik Says:

    I made the cake last night according to the “Pea Soup” recipe but my results came out too dense and, too my taste, far too sweet. My cake was more like a coconut macaroon. I susspect that I didn’t allow the oven to get hot enough before I put the mixture in.

    I tried making the cake again tonight and to my mind I’ve had a success. I’ve changed the recipe a bit and I thought I should pass onto you and your readers what I did differently. What I’ve made couldn’t be called a 5 cups cake anymore. Ihope this doesn’t offend.

    Here’s a list of the ingredients I used.

    1 1/2 cups of self raising flour

    1 cup of shredded coconut

    1/2 cup of sugar

    1 cup of coconut cream

    2 eggs

    1/2 cup of dried cranberries

    1/2 cup chocolate chips

    1 teaspoon of vanilla paste

    1 teaspoon of coconut flavouring.

    Cooked at 180 degrees C for 45 minutes. My wife and I had it for dessert tonight. I’m looking forward to having it with my coffee tomorrow. Yum! Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. Asiya Says:

    oh yum! That sounds fantastic! I’ll have to try it. I’ve made the five cups cake a few times now and dramatically reduced the sugar as Suse suggested. The first time, I used the whole cup and it was way too sweet but my kids thought it was great! Thanks for this variation!

  5. suse Says:

    I am nibbling on a piece of five cup cake (raspberry and white choc chips) as I read this post!

    Thanks for the linky love. Interesting that one of your readers tweaked the recipe so very much. To me, the whole idea of the cake is the simplicity of it. If you can remember the five cups, you can bake it. No need to look up recipe books or anything. (Just remember to reduce the sugar).

    It originally came from one of the members of my local Nursing Mothers group five years ago. She brought a cake to a meeting, everyone exclaimed over it, she listed the 5 cups on her fingers and I have made it ever since, as have many others from the group. I’ve told the recipe to all my friends and my mother, and they have all spread it around too in ever-widening circles throughout the world. I love it.

    Thanks for being part of the ripple effect my friend.

  6. Asiya Says:

    Thanks for the recipe! It’s the simplicity that appeals to me too! It’s just so amazingly easy and I love not having to use a recipe. It’s so quick too. The funny thing is I’ve tried some more complicated cakes recently but everyone loves this one the most!

    nice to hear the history 🙂

  7. Veravee Says:

    I was Googling for a Five Cup Cake recipe and was pleased to find this site. But I have a much simpler cake to make, and yummy.

    I call it Miracle Fruit Cake, as it has no eggs, fat or suger.

    Soak 1 kilo of mixed fruit in two cups of strong Coffee (best) or Tea.
    In morning or after a number of hours, mix in well two cups of SR flour and put in 8 inch round Baking paper lined tin. Cook for approx 60-70 minutes in 160 degree oven, till cooked when tested with skewer,

    Very yummy moist fruity cake for people who are dairy intolerant or can’t eat fats or sugar for some reason.

    Hope you enjoy it.

  8. Asiya Says:

    wow, sounds delicious, I’ll have to try it…although I’ll keep this one away from my kids or else yhey’ll be extra turbo charged!

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