Am I dreaming?

*sigh* why don’t we have Muslim schools along the same lines as this school?

We have such a fabulously, rich intellectual heritage. Islam encourages development of the whole self, the spiritual and academic. It teaches respect for the body and concern for our environment. Instead of meditation we have dhikr. We could have an equally healthy halal menu(if only we could find organic, halal meat), or even stick with vegetarian.

But sadly, I don’t think our community here in Australia is ready for it yet. Ignoring our intellectual heritage (or  misrepresenting it) seems to be the norm these days. But then, what better way to revive it than fostering a knowledge and respect for it in our children?



3 Responses to “Am I dreaming?”

  1. Asiya Says:

    Is it possible to formalize Islamic teaching in such a school environment, or would this be just modifying it to the God Education?

  2. Krista Says:

    I think you will do a GREAT job at fostering it within your children. And I also think that is the best place to start, in the home!
    Thank you for visiting my space and your lovely, encouraging comments. I haven’t been great at my replies, but I’m trying to make the rounds and leave some comments of my own.
    I like your thought provoking posts.

  3. Asiya Says:

    Welcome Krista! I’ve enjoyed visiting your space and I’ve been inspired by your culinary adventures! I have no idea how you manage to home school, craft, be pregnant and blog at the same time, but I am impressed!

    Thanks for visiting.

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