mother and daughter

mother and daughter, originally uploaded by asiya2.

We are all sick today. I just want to go to bed. Can’t wait until nap time. Even my smallest bear has a sore throat. I entertained them briefly with the camera. I need a babysling that sits sideways, maybe that wouldn’t hurt my back so much. My little boy wants to be in my arms twenty-four hours a day.I love it but I get nothing done.

Anyway time to sleep….


7 Responses to “mother and daughter”

  1. Suroor Says:

    Get well soon, all of you 😦

  2. Janet Says:

    hope you all get well soon! tis the season for it though, I think we’re all hovering on the edge…

  3. Asiya Says:

    Thank you! Yes, it seems to be going round. have to drink lots of lemon and honey!

  4. monasays Says:

    aww, feel better soon.
    my little one loves being in my arms too. it’s funny how 3 ks can seem really, really heavy after 15 minutes, yes?

  5. Asiya Says:

    yes, definitely! And my baby is about nine ks now!

  6. shukr Says:

    Have you seen the ergo baby carrier? It was a gift from Allah from when I found this carrier masha’Allah. super, super, super!!! masha’Allah. no idea who supplies in aus, but if you google it insha’Allah you will find someone selling. I probably prefer the older style if you can get that second hand on ebay too.
    Mail me if you want to chat baby could go on allllll day.))

    wa salaam

  7. Asiya Says:

    salams shukr, I’m so sorry, somehow your comment ended up as spam and I just fished it out!

    No, I haven’t seen that one, I have the baby bjorn one but I don’t find it comfy as it sits too high on my back.

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