Weight Loss Challenge

So Shaz is hosting a weight loss challenge and so far I have been totally useless and I’m feeling guilty! We have three teams so far, each consisting of five members. We started on May 7th (ehem) and we finish on July 7th. I am hoping to lose 15 kilos/30 pounds. I haven’t started properly yet, but before my team members kick me off the team, don’t worry, I am capable of losing weight, I am, I am, I’ve done it before! For some reason it just seems so hard this time, I guess I just feel generally weary and in need of chocolate. So I have to recondition myself inside and out! I really hate being fat, I’ve battled with it ever since I was a teenager. When I’m stressed I eat, so I have done a lot of eating in my life! I have managed to lose a lot of weight many times, but I battle to keep it off and pregnancy is a killer for me as far as weight gain is concerned. So the process begins again.*sigh*

So my plan is to cut out sugar and bad fats, eat well-balanced meals and if I have to snack, eat veggie sticks or dates if I need something sweet. And to have a limit each day and not exceed it, much like the Weight Watchers program. Exercise is tricky because of the kids. While my daughter is at kinder twice a week, I can walk and push the kids in the double pram. Every day I will try and do half an hours dancing and jumping up and down with the older kids, as long as the baby isn’t crying, perhaps I can break it up into ten minute segments. And finally, in order to shame myself into stopping eating crap, I’m going to keep an online diary of all my food intake! This will be very boring to read, but I’m hopeless at fibbing, so if I eat, I’ll have to post what I ate here and hopefully that will stop me eating!


2 Responses to “Weight Loss Challenge”

  1. monasays Says:

    asiya, how old is your baby? when is it okay to start trying to lose the weight? my doctor said to give it atleast 2-3 months (9 weeks) before i try to alter my diet or start exercising but i just can’t get used to these leftover bumps and i can’t even tell myself, it’s for the baby, anymore!
    but good luck to you!

  2. Asiya Says:

    Salams! My baby is five months old. I’d trust your doctor, you need to give your body a chance to recover first šŸ™‚

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