and a gift for moi

and a gift for moi, originally uploaded by asiya2.


Sydney Road has long been my favourite street in Melbourne. Although I’m not quite a local, I live on it’s suburban (and more affordable) fringe, I  spend a considerable amount of time there. If I was a street, I would be Sydney Road! It caters to all the sides of my personality. There are arty farty cafes that remind me of my pretentious youth, art galleries, op shops,  antique and bric a brac shops, places that sell designer gumboots, Lebanese bakeries and baklawa palaces, Italian cheese wholesalers, many, many places that cater for the fashionable and not so fashionable Muslimah! There are shops selling beautiful Turkish tiles, Moroccan tagines, bunches and bunches of gerberas and cornflowers.


The only thing it lacks in my opinion are bookshops. There are a few second hand places but nothing extensive. It would be the perfect place for a really good Islamic bookshop, not selling the stock standard lay preacher style or Salafi reconditioned texts, but something that reflects the complexity and diversity of Muslim thought and history. But even a standard good bookshop would make me happy, perhaps there is one already and I just haven’t found it. If I had the cash, I’d start one myself.


On yesterdays expedition I came home with this lovely hand printed fabric from The Olive Grove. I am going to use it to make a curtain for my kitchen. And since it’s been a very long time since I bought myself a present, I couldn’t resist buying some Jurlique handcream. Oh bliss!



5 Responses to “and a gift for moi”

  1. Janet Says:

    Oh I love Sydney road too, and probably a whole lot of the same shops. I agree with you that it lacks a really good bookshop. Although I suspect with the yuppification that’s going on, that it won’t be long before one pops up. Not that there won’t be some trade off, but I’m rambling…

  2. Asiya Says:

    yep, I was thinking the same thing, that’s why it’d be a good business opportunity! Except probably Borders would come along and make me go out of business! I’ve been wondering what will happen when Brunswick becomes like Fitzroy, will the less yuppified things move along to Coburg, meaning the inner city becomes inaccessible unless you have heaps of money?

  3. Irving Says:

    Good, you deserve to treat yourself 🙂 aAnd if you open a bookshop, I will come and read there 🙂

    Ya Haqq!

  4. Asiya Says:

    That would be brilliant, inshaAllah maybe I’ll be ready in time for your next book!

  5. Penni Says:

    Isn’t the inner city already inaccessible? (she sighs.) I think the whole midnorth lacks a decent bookshop – there isn’t one in Northcote/Thornbury/Preston either.

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