Studio Space

Self Portrait challenge, originally uploaded by asiya2.


  I have joined Self Portrait Challenge as a means of trying to challenge myself to start doing creative things once more. Yesterday I made myself a studio space in the corner of my bedroom. I am so thrilled with it that I keep just going and sitting there! June’s SPC is to take a photo of yourself in surroundings that express something about yourself. There really could be no better place for me to start than with a photo of myself in my new space.


It is a private, peaceful corner where I can dream and start the process of making again. I have missed drawing. Making this space is almost like finding myself again after motherhood. It sounds corny I know!


Must stop writing and go sit!




5 Responses to “Studio Space”

  1. Janet Says:

    how lovely to see your link up on the SPC site! And lovely to see you in your peaceful corner. I think there’s a lot of remaking that goes on after becoming a mother, even with just one, I imagine the challenge is even greater with more.

  2. Asiya Says:

    I was inspired by you! It looked like fun!

  3. Krista Says:

    Congratulations on beginning the SPC journey. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. You may just be yet another inspiration to get me going – and great environment shot, btw. Congrats also on clearing yourself some space in your home and in your mind, just for yourself.

  4. Vedrana Says:

    it looks wonderful, lovely portrait

  5. Hana Says:

    It doesn’t sound silly, it sounds lovely! Good for you : )

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