Birthday cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes, originally uploaded by asiya2.

I stayed up late last night, making these for my daughter to take to kinder to celebrate her birthday. But this morning she is too sick to go to school, I’m so disappointed for her, probably more so than she is! But after I braved the scary food colouring and tried one, I realised that it’s probably a good thing, because they taste horrible! Although my kids seem to like them. They do look wonderful but I think this is my last foray into using food colouring, it’s just too toxic and every parents worst nightmare when it becomes smeared all over your beloved child’s clothing, not to mention the walls!


So I’m on the lookout for healthy, fruit cupcake recipes for her party on the weekend!



8 Responses to “Birthday cupcakes”

  1. Penni Says:

    I used a raspberry muffin recipe for Fred’s birthday, but made them as cupcakes. I used a cream cheese icing and lashed out on little silicon cupcake holders for the colour. Oh and I used a natural colouring in the icing, but it comes out very pale (and it’s three times the price of the fake stuff).

  2. Penni Says:

    (But yours look very cheerful!!)

  3. Asiya Says:

    I’ll have to try your recipe, I saw some silicon holders in Safeway last night, they’re gorgeous! Where do you get the natural colouring from?

  4. Irving Says:

    Wow, they look great for being poisonous lol My wife will have to try the recipe for our grand-daughter 🙂

    Ya Haqq!

  5. Asiya Says:

    be careful, poisonous is right, they made my kids go off the rails (more than usual!)

  6. shaz Says:

    looks yum! 🙂

    happy birthday to the kiddie!

  7. Achelois Says:

    Happy Birthday, princess!!

    Can I have them all??

  8. Asiya Says:

    come to our party tomorrow!

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