the beginning of a painting

the beginning of a painting, originally uploaded by asiya2.

 My hands feel so clumsy at the moment, I’m so out of practice.  I can feel this drawing rapidly losing itself into a murky mass. The beginning was promising, but then I added too much blue and now it is too dark. I will try and rescue it, but I may just make the mess bigger, in which case, at least I will have a photo to prove to myself that I have begun the making process again!



8 Responses to “the beginning of a painting”

  1. Penni Says:

    It’s BEAUTIFUL. I think you’re being a bit hard on yourself! I love it.
    Remember, in your misspent youth, when your hair was that colour?

  2. Asiya Says:

    PENNI! now I’m having hysterics! Oh that was awful, it looked terrible, it was supposed to be a sleek navy blue and they made it a streaky aqua! When I woke up the morning after having it done, I cried when I saw my pillow was blue! No more giving away my secrets, that was sixteen years ago!

  3. Irving Says:

    I rather like the painting. Like Picasso, you are having a “blue period.” You are very talented, dear Sister 🙂

    Ya Haqq!

  4. Asiya Says:

    thank you dear Irving, I’ve been having a “blue period” for many years! 🙂

  5. Achelois Says:

    Asiya, put it against a yellow or white wall and show us another picture. Since there are many shades and not just one I think it isn’t “too blue.” The background is making it look so. It would also look great against a maroon background, I think (am trying to visualise).

  6. Achelois Says:

    Wanted to add that it is AWESOME!

  7. Asiya Says:

    Yes, you’re right about the background, but it’s still too blue because I didn’t want the shape of the hand to stand out so much…will take another photo when I’ve “fixed” it! and thank you, as always, you are a sweetheart!

  8. krista Says:

    I am blown away by this piece- it is beautiful and also, by your post about photography/and wearing hijab.

    I feel so lucky to have come here and found your space!

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