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photos of Chernobyl by Elena Filatova

June 7, 2007

see some truly amazing photographs of Chernobyl here.


City Living!

June 7, 2007

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Little son discovers grass….

May 8, 2007

Little son discovers grass…., originally uploaded by asiya2.

We have spent the morning in the garden. Little son was fascinated by the grass. My kids belong on a farm. They are always in the dirt, whenever opportunity strikes. This means as soon as I sit down to feed the baby. I think dirt is good for them. But we do live in the city and this is a hassle.

Where I grew up it was taken for granted that children would be dirty. Clothes were old and darned and we wore gumboots (wellies) all year long. It was the country, we were aware that water came from the sky, not taps, we understood that it is precious. Baths happened at night time and if we had to go to the shop covered in mud during the day, so be it.

Here, my kids play as though they are on the farm, but if I take them out they are expected to be spotlessly clean, hair brushed, sporting the latest “designer” fashions. I refuse to worry about this. Childhood is childhood. My concern for my childrens wellbeing is exactly that, concern for them, not the neighbours.

So bring on the mud!

template for my jungle

May 7, 2007

the expanse is waiting, originally uploaded by asiya2.

This is our back garden. Classic Australiana, the hills hoist the proud centerpiece, a horribly ugly shed at the side. I love every inch of this yard! After we bought the house, I paced around the fence lines, savoring the fact that it was ours, truly ours. For the first time in my life, I have the opportunity to plant trees, watch them grow and hope iA, to sit in their shade and watch my grandchildren frolic and eat their fruit.

Even as a child, we moved frequently. I have never stayed in the same house for more than two or three years. I have dreams for this garden, many dreams. And I also will value your suggestions! I have so much to learn about growing things.

Am I dreaming?

April 26, 2007

*sigh* why don’t we have Muslim schools along the same lines as this school?

We have such a fabulously, rich intellectual heritage. Islam encourages development of the whole self, the spiritual and academic. It teaches respect for the body and concern for our environment. Instead of meditation we have dhikr. We could have an equally healthy halal menu(if only we could find organic, halal meat), or even stick with vegetarian.

But sadly, I don’t think our community here in Australia is ready for it yet. Ignoring our intellectual heritage (orĀ  misrepresenting it) seems to be the norm these days. But then, what better way to revive it than fostering a knowledge and respect for it in our children?


Mummy empowerment

April 8, 2007

Lately,I’ve been thinking about motherhood and control (lack of). I’m not referring to whether my children sit still at the table when I ask, but rather how my principles effect our lives on a daily basis? Am I living the life that my heart wants to live? In my pre-children days, I had dreams about the “kind” of parent that I would be. The reality of parenting however, is of course something different. It is easy to become swallowed by the basic need to survive. Our dreams sometimes become buried under ten tons of laundry.

For me, this creates a sense of floundering and dissatisfaction. It’s not a productive place to be. The task of raising little human beings is full of promise and joy, but it’s also heavy with responsibility. We all want to see our children thrive.

Survival mode has greyed my mode of parenting. As a creative person, this has caused me great frustration, it has also pushed me into action and I’m reassessing my priorities. I want to reinvigorate myself as a parent and remember what it is that I desire for my children. I am not content living the major consumer, outer suburban dream, this was never my dream. How is it that I find myself going to KFC(halal of course!) once a week? I have always hated multinational companies and the way they eat up small business, not to mention their impact on the environment. Why has becoming a parent caused me to give up some of my ideals?

Ease, I suppose and convenience. Organic juice and sandwich bars do not have drive-throughs! With three small infants to get out of the car and navigate through shops, I have watched my principles float out the rolled-down car window. Quite simply, to live the life that I feel I should be living, the one that makes me feel comfortable inwardly, I have to try a lot harder. It involves more work.

As a sleep-deprived Mum, finding it hard to get the basic necessities done, it sometimes feels simpler to take the easy option. But the reality is that the “easy” option breeds greyness. The life that I want for my children is full of colour. I want them to feel connected to the landscape around them, to appreciate aesthetics. I do not want fast-food children spending their days glued to the television. I may have lost the “sugar wars” temporarily, but Supermum is emerging from the swamp, ready to direct this household once more!