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Homelife Mosaic

June 19, 2007

Homelife Mosaic, originally uploaded by asiya2.

ah, the fun of learning how to make mosaics!



Happy Birthday Habibti!

June 16, 2007

IMG_0589, originally uploaded by asiya2.


Birthday cupcakes

June 13, 2007

Birthday cupcakes, originally uploaded by asiya2.

I stayed up late last night, making these for my daughter to take to kinder to celebrate her birthday. But this morning she is too sick to go to school, I’m so disappointed for her, probably more so than she is! But after I braved the scary food colouring and tried one, I realised that it’s probably a good thing, because they taste horrible! Although my kids seem to like them. They do look wonderful but I think this is my last foray into using food colouring, it’s just too toxic and every parents worst nightmare when it becomes smeared all over your beloved child’s clothing, not to mention the walls!


So I’m on the lookout for healthy, fruit cupcake recipes for her party on the weekend!


Weight Loss Challenge

May 10, 2007

So Shaz is hosting a weight loss challenge and so far I have been totally useless and I’m feeling guilty! We have three teams so far, each consisting of five members. We started on May 7th (ehem) and we finish on July 7th. I am hoping to lose 15 kilos/30 pounds. I haven’t started properly yet, but before my team members kick me off the team, don’t worry, I am capable of losing weight, I am, I am, I’ve done it before! For some reason it just seems so hard this time, I guess I just feel generally weary and in need of chocolate. So I have to recondition myself inside and out! I really hate being fat, I’ve battled with it ever since I was a teenager. When I’m stressed I eat, so I have done a lot of eating in my life! I have managed to lose a lot of weight many times, but I battle to keep it off and pregnancy is a killer for me as far as weight gain is concerned. So the process begins again.*sigh*

So my plan is to cut out sugar and bad fats, eat well-balanced meals and if I have to snack, eat veggie sticks or dates if I need something sweet. And to have a limit each day and not exceed it, much like the Weight Watchers program. Exercise is tricky because of the kids. While my daughter is at kinder twice a week, I can walk and push the kids in the double pram. Every day I will try and do half an hours dancing and jumping up and down with the older kids, as long as the baby isn’t crying, perhaps I can break it up into ten minute segments. And finally, in order to shame myself into stopping eating crap, I’m going to keep an online diary of all my food intake! This will be very boring to read, but I’m hopeless at fibbing, so if I eat, I’ll have to post what I ate here and hopefully that will stop me eating!

Five Cups Cake

April 17, 2007

Five Cups Cake, originally uploaded by asiya2.


Inspired by Suse at Pea Soup, I made this cake for my Mum and Grandma who are visiting this morning iA. It is such an amazingly easy cake to make and totally delicious…’s a shame the photo is out of focus because it even looks beautiful! And most importantly the kids love it!


lemon and sour cream, yum

April 15, 2007

lemon and sour cream, yum, originally uploaded by asiya2.

another shot just to re-emphasize what a fabulous mum I am!

domestic bliss? …ehem!

April 15, 2007

domestic bliss? …ehem!, originally uploaded by asiya2.


I was inspired by Krista (whose blog I haven’t asked permission to link to, so I won’t!) to make these Lemon and Sour Cream muffins. I’ve been reading about the importance of ritual and routine in kid’s lives and I’m trying to develop fun rituals for our household. Sunday morning baking is my attempt to be the perfect mother! I love to look at craft blogs which so often present an image of serene parenting! I actually find them quite amusing, because I am sure that all households with small children have stages of mass destruction (it can’t be only mine!), it’s so easy to present an image of family perfection by displaying a few carefully framed, beautiful photographs. Nevertheless, they are inspiring, I have enough clutter and chaos in my house, finding peace on the internet is actually very therapeutic, whether it’s realistic or not.


Anyway, back to the baking. I should have taken a picture of the kitchen and my two year old covered in flour, or the arguments over who got to spoon the mixture into the trays, but instead I’m presenting this image of familial bliss! AAAh such domestic harmony. Don’t you wish your family was like mine?!!!!!!!!!


making muffins

April 15, 2007

making muffins, originally uploaded by asiya2.