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Birthday cupcakes

June 13, 2007

Birthday cupcakes, originally uploaded by asiya2.

I stayed up late last night, making these for my daughter to take to kinder to celebrate her birthday. But this morning she is too sick to go to school, I’m so disappointed for her, probably more so than she is! But after I braved the scary food colouring and tried one, I realised that it’s probably a good thing, because they taste horrible! Although my kids seem to like them. They do look wonderful but I think this is my last foray into using food colouring, it’s just too toxic and every parents worst nightmare when it becomes smeared all over your beloved child’s clothing, not to mention the walls!


So I’m on the lookout for healthy, fruit cupcake recipes for her party on the weekend!



Little son discovers grass….

May 8, 2007

Little son discovers grass…., originally uploaded by asiya2.

We have spent the morning in the garden. Little son was fascinated by the grass. My kids belong on a farm. They are always in the dirt, whenever opportunity strikes. This means as soon as I sit down to feed the baby. I think dirt is good for them. But we do live in the city and this is a hassle.

Where I grew up it was taken for granted that children would be dirty. Clothes were old and darned and we wore gumboots (wellies) all year long. It was the country, we were aware that water came from the sky, not taps, we understood that it is precious. Baths happened at night time and if we had to go to the shop covered in mud during the day, so be it.

Here, my kids play as though they are on the farm, but if I take them out they are expected to be spotlessly clean, hair brushed, sporting the latest “designer” fashions. I refuse to worry about this. Childhood is childhood. My concern for my childrens wellbeing is exactly that, concern for them, not the neighbours.

So bring on the mud!

mother and daughter

May 7, 2007

mother and daughter, originally uploaded by asiya2.

We are all sick today. I just want to go to bed. Can’t wait until nap time. Even my smallest bear has a sore throat. I entertained them briefly with the camera. I need a babysling that sits sideways, maybe that wouldn’t hurt my back so much. My little boy wants to be in my arms twenty-four hours a day.I love it but I get nothing done.

Anyway time to sleep….