7 Random Facts

Shula tagged me for the 7 Random Facts meme. Let’s see what trivia I can come up with.

1.) I watch television out of the corner of my eye/s although my vision is perfect.

2.) I love polished wooden floorboards and old kitchen tables with carved legs and many dinner stories carved into their surfaces.

3.) I once got suspended from boarding school for gargling loudly in tune with the school orchestra as they were practicing.

4.) I was on the Deans Roll of Honour for two of my years at university. Another two found me debarred for failing due to non-submission of work.

5.) I am ridiculously self-analytical to the point of obsessing.

6.) My favourite place in the world is a town called Chefchaouen in the Rif mountains in Morocco, where all the houses are painted cornflower blue.

7.) My grandfather was in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

So wasn’t that fascinating!

I tag Shaz, Maliha and Suroor.


8 Responses to “7 Random Facts”

  1. Nur Jemal Says:

    Asalaam alleikum! Hey nice blog, and thanks for listing my blog!

    Jezakallah khairan!

  2. irving Says:

    Gargling… haha!

  3. Asiya Says:

    and you too Nur, welcome!

    yes, I have no idea why I’m admitting to such embarrassing things!

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  5. Tasmiya Says:

    Of course it was fascinating! I love polished floorboards, too.

  6. Asiya Says:

    I think I decided on buying our house simply because of the floor!

  7. shaz Says:

    This is soooo me! 5.) I am ridiculously self-analytical to the point of obsessing.

  8. 7 & 3: Random and weird « Lightness of Being… Says:

    […] 25th, 2007 Asiya memed me for 7 random things about me and a long long while back Writeoussister did the same with […]

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